the “Con Carnes”

Chris and Jen Lamb, sometimes affectionately referred to as the Con Carnes, live in a 1970’s Qbert’s Palace in the Tweed Twenty neighborhood with their two live animals and several un-live ones. Told here for the first time is their breathtaking story…

tMdR:   When did you come to Bellingham, and why? 

Ch & J: Chris came to Bellingham to go to WWU in 1997.  Jen was born here, moved to San Diego for 6 years and came back to Bellingham for what was supposed to be a temporary move, but accidentally fell in love with the town, and then fell in love with Chris, and decided to stay.

tMdR: What do you do professionally?  

Ch & J: Chris manages Avalon music downtown.  He has worked in a record store since the age of 15, and has been at Avalon Music for the past 10+ years.  He’s  a “lifer” – that rare breed of record store dude, and will do it for the rest of his working years.  A deep love of music and the joy of turning people on to new music keeps him trucking.

Jen has been an electric motor repair electrician at Mac and Mac Electric for the past 2 years, and a bartender for over 10 years, currently pouring beer at Kulshan Brewing Company on Friday & Saturday evenings.  She enjoys working with her hands, and the challenge of the electrical industry – every new job is a chance to learn something new about the trade.   While the day job pays the bills, the bartending gig is something she really loves and will most likely keep doing until she gets too old and tired for the late hours.

tMdR:  How many in your household? Do you keep animals?

Ch & J: Chris and Jen share their home with their 2 fat cats Marla and DT, as well as a small fleet of taxidermied buddies: J.Dillo the armadillo, Slim Shady the cobra, Nutkin the giant Alaskan squirrel, and several bonsai trees.  With the house so full, there is really no room for children.

tMdR: A favorite Bellingham story that couldn’t happen anywhere else?  

Ch & J: Whether it’s the excessive number of serial killers who have come through here, eccentric locals such as Daniel the Bike Guy, Geronimo or Hungry Girl, proximity to the northern border, small town policing, small town politicking, and big fish in a small pond everyday dramas, Bellingham is our own little Twin Peaks.

tMdR: What does your ideal Bellingham morning consist of? 
your ideal Bellingham afternoon?

Ch & J: Chris’s ideal day consists of sitting and drinking coffee with his lovely bride in his awesome house.  Jen’s ideal day is pretty much the same.

tMdR: What is your favorite season in Bellingham?

Ch & J: Chris’s favorite season is Spring – he enjoys watching everything come to life in his garden.  Jen’s favorite season is Log Show, Lynden Fair, Stringband Jambo, wedding, BBQs season.

tMdR: What are some of your favorite Bellingham “institutions?”  (can be for-profit or non)

Ch & J: D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano, Avalon Music, music scene, Ski to Sea race & festivities, Aladdin’s Lamp/Old Town Antiques, Carey Ross, North Fork Brewery/Wedding Chapel

tMdR: If our town slid into the Bay, would you flee north, south or east?

Ch & J: East to the other side of the Cascades….which would be the new coastline.

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