Real People

My business runs on the high octane fuel of my amazing clients, and I leverage them every chance I get. Here are a few of them that maybe you know already…

3 thoughts on “Real People

  1. Hey teammates, my name is Ross Dunn.
    I am a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service. I have also been a
    Snowboard Instructor and Supervisor up at Mountain Baker for the last 10plus years.
    I have an incredible family! Two Rad little kiddos; Banyon(son) 3 1/2 & Coral(daughter) 18mo.
    and my amazing Bride of 4 years, Natalia. We met Master Jeff a few years back when we had just started our family. He had just assisted some of our family with there first home purchase. Shortly after that we too found ourselves in the market for our first home. So we jumped on the Braimes Bandwagon. And we were so Stoked we did!! Working with Jeff is a treat. We just recently moved to SoCal and I called Jeff to let him know of our crazy development. We talked house business but more importantly we talked family business. He wanted to make sure that this transition was going to be copacetic for my family. I will always seek counsel from Jeff about real estate, rock bands, and possibly the birds that fly at dusk. But one thing for sure, the Dunn clan will ALWAYS be friends with Jeffrey Braimes!!
    Aloha nui loa ,Ross

    P.S. Here in Redlands, CA we have hundreds of wild parrots. I have the same sunset/dusk relationship with the feathered locals as you do with yours brother. All the while pint in hand.

    1. Thanks for the words, Ross the Boss. When you have a second, shoot me a family foto so I can load your whole glorious profile onto the blog. You have wild parrots in Redlands? That’s awesome, like the Parrots of Telegraph Hill– have you ever seen that documentary? tMdR

      1. Yes I have. And if you Google wild parrots in Redlands you will see they actually reference the San Fran flock. Pic, copy that.

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