For Sale Cheap

“Sellers sell houses,” I tell my buyers (in the kitchen when possible). “But buyers buy homes.”

Neither statement is exclusively true or untrue, of course. But there is a difference between a house and a home—a wholly emotional one. Both buildings have front doors, a roof, a bathroom and the afore-mentioned kitchen. Some have bowling alleys and wine cellars, but not most.

In fact, houses with indoor shooting ranges and heliports are generally viewed as less inviting than those without. It doesn’t make them bad. Just not as homey.

Tom Waits sang “… if there’s love in a house, it’s a palace for sure.”  And it’s true. Even if a place is stone vacant. If you think there’s not a discernable difference between hospice, divorce or foreclosure– and a house where a family sang and read and ate dinner together, then you probably haven’t looked at very many real estate houses.

At the end of the day, is it just a commodity, though? Is a house just lumber and shingles and asbestos and glass—or is it something more? Can a home have a pedigree, a legacy—a spirit? Is a family home more than a street address and some photos on Zillow?

I guess I’m going to find out. For your kind consideration, I offer you 2123 Niagara Drive.

Patti & I bought this home in the year 2000, when Bill Clinton was president. I had a cellphone, but there was no social media and the Bellingham Herald

mod, angular ceilings and real hardwoods

was still three sections. We didn’t even have jetpacks back then! Everything inside and out of the house was white: white walls, white siding, white carpet, white counters. Systematically, over the course of the next 17 years, we remodeled

350sqft view deck in private, fenced yard

the white out of the house literally as well as figuratively.

It’s still a 1969 tri-level, but it’s our 1969 tri-level and we’ve loved that house.

Edie wasn’t even walking we moved in, and she’ll be an adult in five weeks.

very usable, sunny walkout basement

But the getting’s good and the time is right. We moved out two years ago after accidentally buying our dream home in Sunnyland and we were blessed with a king hell champion renter. But she left and we can’t bear to roll the dice on a successor. College tuitions are looming and the market needs the inventory. So—you know– For Sale

  • 4 bedrooms 2.25 baths
  • 2158 sqft
  • extensive kitchen & bath remodels, yo
  • all new windows
  • new roof 2014
  • the kills..
  • $497,0000
  • open Sunday 3-7 before Vincent’s set at Green’s Corner
  • pick a song, any song…



Remodeled kitchen w/ custom horizontal bamboo cabinets from DeWils, quartz counters and stainless Jenn Air appliances
8,000sqft fenced lot is level & private
Remodeled guest bath w/ new tub, sink, light tube, vanity, lighting and luxurious Italian tile surround
Master bed with Bay view and ridiculous custom closet from California Closets










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