Deep in the heart of Columbia

Orange-faced, baggy-suited baboons notwithstanding, it’s true that most people on Earth secretly or otherwise want to live in the United States. True also, that all Americans would prefer to live on the West Coast. Well-documented that everyone on the West Coast wishes to come in Bellingham. And we all know that everyone in Bellingham wants to live in Columbia.

So that means that everyone on the planet wants to live in Columbia.

They all can’t. There just isn’t the inventory…

Oh, we get it alright: The picturesque tree-lined streets. Melancholy Elizabeth Park with its Saturday Evening Post  brocade. The eclectic yet inclusive mix of 20th century architecture, from the registered American Foursquare mansions of the city’s founders along Eldridge to the modest Tudors on the bigger northend lots and the angular mid-century trapezoids backing the creek along Lynn Street. Columbia Elementary, for heaven’s sake! Zoinks!

It’s a proud neighborhood to be sure: active neighborhood association, high walking score, abundant lending libraries, chickens all over the place. Small urban blissdown. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Well, now you can. But you’ll have to act fast.

Inventory has been an issue city-wide for as far back as any of us can recall. In reality, it’s only been 18 months– but real estate’s memory is generally pretty short. The point is that at the moment, inventory is a genuine concern– and its shortage is creating a bonafide housing crisis that threatens to strip the character right out of this community by pricing out our creatives and working families.

So it’s good to see a little inventory breaking loose as the kids ditch the books and the clouds lift. I offer you this:

Deep in the heart of the neighborhood, a short walk from anything Columbian, 2608 Victor Street.

Built in 1920, this 3-bed 2-bath home has been added to and otherwise updated with careful attention to the original intent. At just shy of 1500sqft, it

is the perfect mid-sized sedan with generous bedrooms, a central skylit kitchen and a dining room seasoned by generations of mealtime stories and conversations. A very usable finished basement is perfect for movies, video games, crafting or bookkeeping and also features great storage. Storage galorage!

Step out back and delight in the private flagstone patio ringed by lush

gardens of flowers and food. Continue on into the modern & sunny heated studio w/ 12′ ceilings, cork floors, skylights and French doors. This is a perfect place for the artist, musician or therapist, and the plumbing is roughed in in anticipation of the day it is recognized as an accessory dwelling unit and can do its part by absorbing a digit of our swelling population.

This house is a real honey and will surely attract anxious attention as it steps into the light of the market this weekend. Open Saturday 11-1pm and Sunday 1-3. Won’t you come have a look?


p.s. $499,000




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