the Lord taketh away

I don’t know if I’m blessed or just lucky. 

Whichever it is, I’m stoked. Ecstatic even. I’m deeply grateful every day for my precious family and my durable body. I’m humbled to be able to live in this rare community in this ridiculously beautiful & progressive region. I have a killer job. I’m a white American middle class man with bitchin’ metabolism. Most days I don’t feel I’ve earned my position on the foodchain– but I accept it with gratitude just like I would accept a better parking spot than the one I probably deserve. What am I supposed to do? 

But are these “blessings” or just luck? 

I’ve said before that good luck is nothing more than the absence of bad luck. I have been exceedingly lucky my whole life to not ever have had an anvil fall on my head from a 3rd story window. Never got psoriasis. I’ve never spontaneously combusted or even been struck by lightening. The superstitious and the faithful among us have more in-common than they might think. What’s the difference? 

It’s all in your perspective, of course. The faithful consider themselves blessed; the superstitious, merely careful. And the lucky? Well, we just think of ourselves as– yeah– kinda lucky

But here’s what I don’t like: when someone hides behind their God and said God’s answer to their prayers in order to avoid hiring you for real estate representation. 

It’s so lame. After 6 years of talking about selling the house and buying a condo; after looking at so many manufactured homes and running so many numbers; after endless referrals and physically moving furniture you just decide to use someone else because that’s the answer you received to your prayers?! What does that even mean? 

What form does the prayer answer take when the kneeler asks of their God which Realtor they should use? 

Dear Lord, thank you for this day and this bread. Should I hire Jeff Braimes who’s totally bent over backward for me for six years or should I hire Agent X whose blog doesn’t suck so bad? 

As an agnostic, I don’t believe there is any such thing as an “answer” to this question posed to darkness. Any “signs” gleaned from such silliness are only the true & pure intentions of the asker. And that’s fine. If you don’t want to use me that is totally fine. But either tell me really why or at the very least don’t jive me up about having received some divine signal.

I don’t consider “the Lord” to ever have giventh me anything because I don’t think Lord exists. But today, very literally, the Lord did Taketh Away from me a listing I had worked hard on for a very long time. 

Say what you mean. Even on Easter. Especially on Easter! It’s such a beautiful day today in Bellingham, the late afternoon light is simply sublime. I am so lucky to live here. We are all so lucky– all of us who haven’t had an anvil land on our heads. 

I’ll also be one listing less busy than I thought, so call me if you want to talk. It is so incredibly hot out there. 




3 thoughts on “the Lord taketh away

  1. Using a religious reason to make a decision and really moreso make it seem as though the “religious experience” has made the decision is a cowardly cop out. It’s a like a like a girl saying “God doesn’t want us to be together.”No bitch, you don’t want us to be together! God has nothing to do with this!

    My rebuttal is to say “God came and talked to me and for some reason told me to keep pursuing you and that you would actually end up working with me. The crazy thing is….he told me you would initially say no!! I’m so glad you told me this. Now, where were we? “

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