Top of the Hill


With quick access to both downtown Bellingham and Western Washington University, this modern 3-bed 2-bath  home is a great option for those who aren’t afraid of a few stairs. 

Eighty-seven of them, to be exact. 

That’s how many you’d take getting from the mailbox to the deck off the second-floor master. I guess I don’t know why you’d necessarily need to get from the mailbox to the far end of the top room in the house with any regularity, but if you did  that’s how many steps it would take. 

The point is, this house is not a good fit for the week-kneed or for families that might include children whose tiny legs are not yet developed enough for them to scale 87 stairs on their own. 

For everyone else, however– this is great house! 

At 1632 sqft, this home is 25% larger than most of the other homes on this section of the street, having been added on to ten years ago. The “before” examples of this design feature tight living rooms & masters, and open carports whereas the subject home has an extra 200sqft of west-facing living space on the main and second floors in addition to an enclosed garage. 

Another mouth-watering feature of the expanded version of this floorplan is the private veranda off the master bedroom. The view from this perch is broad & varied. Looking due west, one is afforded a box seat for the seasonal kaleidoscope that is the east face of Sehome Hill. Further north, the landscape turns to city lights, Lummi Shore, and the Canadian Cascades. There’s even a sliver of Bellingham Bay blue for tip-toers. 

To the east, enjoy the green peace of 11 acres of undeveloped forest. Yes, undeveloped. In case you hadn’t heard, plans for a Satanic 528-bedroom student housing project by Tennessee’s Ambling University Development Group were scrapped in April when Ambling couldn’t pry the designs they wanted from City of Bellingham Hearing Examiner Dawn Sturwold. This slope of Consolidation Hill does have its share of student housing nearer the WWU park ‘n’ ride at the bottom of the hill on Lincoln Street. But the primarily owner-occupied upper reaches of the hill would have been severely impacted by the parking, traffic & noise impacts of this development had it been authorized to go forward. Kudos to the CoB for drawing the line, and to the Puget & Samish neighborhoods for their advocacy. Calls to Ambling and its Managing Partner Charles Perry from the Electric KoolAid Real Estate Test were not returned. *

This is a clean & sunny 3+-bedroom 2-bath home with views out the front and privacy in back. There is lots of storage throughout including a 2-car garage, plus a fenced yard with garden space and firepit. I’ll be open Sunday from 2-4 and will buy you a cookie if you stop in to say hi. I’ll buy you a whole box of cookies if you make an offer! 


133 44th Street S.

3beds/ 1.75 baths 

1632 sqft


open Sunday 12-2pm 

From Lakeway, follow signs south from Nevada Street, by Del Sol 



 * yes, I really did attempt to dialogue with Ambling University Development Group 

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