A House Where Nobody Lives


photo 2

It’s been said that April showers bring May flowers. But it’s probably more true to say that March showers bring April weeds. Specifically Dandelions.

April is Dandelion season. Before the Lupin or the Shasta Daisies, months before the Dahlias and Sunflowers– here they come seemingly one-at-a-phototime, stretching their brilliant yellow florets toward the sky in a graceful sun salutation even when it’s raining. And it often is raining in April– this week, for example.

Many Aprils, a disgrace race breaks out between the Dandelions and the virgin lawn, unmowed since Halloween. The Dandelions always win this contest, of course– effortlessly rising only as far above the uncut grass as is necessary to be seen from the street. In the business we call this curb appeal.

Yes, Dandelions are the curse of the EarlyBird Seller– one bold enough to bring their listing out before Memorial Day. The Azaleas aren’t out yet, and there are certainly no guarantees where weather is concerned.

The only sure things in April are taxes and Dandelions.

But even if the Golden Chain isn’t yet gold, this is a great time to have your home on the market. Sales are up nearly 4% since last March, but the photo 2number of new listings coming on the market is down more than 13% for the same period. Days on market are down as well, meaning absorbtion is high; supply low. Selling good; not selling– bad.

Why not you? Call me and let’s make it happen this spring….







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       Blogger’s note: there’s one house in Bellingham that has absolutely the best Dandelions. It’s this white one right here, in Cornwall Park. It’s been empty for years and it’s never even been properly  moved out of. It’s kind of a sad spot most of the year, but for this brief, weightless period before these cheerful little weeds go to seed, I kind of like driving by there. “Everyone calls it The House Where Nobody Lives” 











photo 4



One thought on “A House Where Nobody Lives

  1. Rambler-
    When you are gazing at the dandelions at the house next door to mine (yeah, I recognized what I refer to as “the yellow field of future doom”) you should swing by and say “Hi!” (I’m in the neatly trimmed, hedged, mowed, dandelion-less, lived-in one next door.)

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