So long XLVIII


I thought it would never end.

I like football season as much as the next agnostic, but this one seemed to last longer than usual. I suppose– tucked away up here in the far corner of civilization, our precious southern exposure partially blocked by the Space Needle—it kinda did.

But now that football’s finally over, we can get back to what’s really important in this life. We can stop thinking & talking twenty hours a day about overfed overpaid muscleheaded testosterone-addicted gladiatorchild maiming machines, and calmly return to the one thing we’re really all put on this earth to worship in the first place:


Or, if the din is still echoing, and if it’s too soon to think about trading one teal idol for another—if you need some time away from the winning games—I offer you:

Real estate.

A Hamster once suggested to me that people in this town “follow real estate like a sport.” Of course, that was in 2006 when Continue reading