Honey, stop the car!


I will never wash this car again. At least not the passenger door…

Sometimes my job sucks. Most jobs are that way, I suppose. Some days no one comes to my open house and I have to eat all the pie myself. Or someone calls on an ad and says mean things to me. Sometimes I drive buyers around for years before they suddenly one day decide to buy a boat instead.

But most of the time, my job is pretty greatEven when someone barfs, my job can be one of the raddest & most-rewarding of them all. Getting to work with guys like Randy is one reason. Continue reading

Sunset Open House (with Pie)

2013-05-12 - View From House #05

The doors open at 8 o’clock, but there should still be some pie left by the time that last slice of yummy June sunshine limbos down under the horizon at 9:06 pm. 

2214 Niagara Drive has a breathtaking view of the Bay, downtown and the Islands. So when better to hold an open house than at sunset? I’ve read the rules, and nowhere does it say that open houses have to be between 1-4pm.  The rules also don’t say you can’t serve pie. Or ice cream. There may be one that says you can’t serve wine, but I won’t tell if you don’t. 

It’s not like it’s on the internet or anything. 

So drop by this amazing home– priced at $395,000– and dig the sunset with me. I’ll have three different pies from Bellingham’s own Alice’s Pies— pecan, apple, and strawberry rhubarb. I’ll also have a huge tub of vanilla ice cream. 

Red and white, too. 

See you tonight!