For Sale: the twinkling lights of downtown, also the Bay and 2214 Niagara Drive

2013-05-12 - View From House #07

The current of the market is moving very swiftly with some dangerous undertows right now. One of the most treacherous? The saltwater view… 

It’s a wildcard that spins the already subjective science of valuation in a transitional market into an entirely different orbit of imagination. But the Real Estate Gods are not making any more sweeping, unobstructed views of Bellingham Bay, complete with the five landmarks in the foreground and the Islands beyond.

This house itself is a real honey, too– perhaps the cleanest, most faithfully-maintained home I’ve ever listed. A veritable temple to detail!  Yes, it’s a 70s split with a steep driveway. Sure, there are only 3 true bedrooms. No, it does not have a luxurious Kamasutra master suite or a carpeted 3-car garage or a landspeed record kitchen.

But it is fully 2600sqft of spotless clay, ready for your new reality show kitchen dream challenge and your bitchin’ hues and your rad stuff. This house is ready for embellishing and you don’t even have to scrape the popcorn ceilings! Furnace, plumbing & light fixtures, windows– they’re all new.

The 12,000 square foot lot is enchanting– thoughtfully landscaped and plenty sunny yet private. An abandoned railroad easement runs behind the homes on this side of Niagara Drive, and some of the homeowners do own outright their links in this chain; others don’t. This one does, and the view from this high shelf at the very rear of this lot is even more ridiculous than the one from the living room. Niagara is a loop without any incidental traffic whatsoever. It is the first street coming up the hill from the west with sidewalks and underground utilities. One end of the street leads into Whatcom Falls Park at Erie Sreet north of the stone bridge, and the other joins the RailRoad Trail south of the Alabama overpass. One can bicycle nearly anywhere in Bellingham, Washington without ever leaving one these two trails.  $395,000

Come see. Come see…