Painting the turd

One of my favorite real estate marketing buzzers is “bring your paintbrush.” Most used homes need paint. Painting the interior of a house erases the previous owner, whether or not that owner smoked or liked orange rooms or whether they never once hung a picture in the right place on the first try.

Bring your paintbrush!

When you see this self-conscious high-road disclaimer in marketing comments, however ( frequently followed by a series of exclamation points !!!! ) it is almost always a wink to the fact that the house has a cache of ghastly that a paintbrush will only actually begin to address. Like chopping down the mightiest tree in the forest with a Herring, paint is a mere start for some real estate houses. Continue reading

the Sock Blog

Realtors are as superstitious as anyone, I guess. Every day, we’re faced with decisions that can have long-ranging effects on our business. Many of these choices may not seem so potentially impactful at first, and the truth is that we don’t know which ones are going to be the game-changers until much later on. So this month I’ve been playing it extra safe. I’ve been wearing my lucky socks whenever they’re clean ( and sometimes even when they’re not… ). 

I suppose I don’t know if these socks are actually lucky or not. Continue reading