Rusty Mungo

Not all huge orange cats are lost…

I previewed a new listing today, an ‘80s split in Ridgemont. The sellers had done the really wise updates—maple kitchen w/ some properly-installed granite tile counters and of course stainless appliances. New skylight too. New trim & doors all-around, new carpet up and lots of ceramic tile in the bedroom & laundry room w/ ¾ bath downstairs. Cut flowers on the dining room table and fresh bark in the yard– really ready to show.

But it was still an ‘80s split w/ popcorn ceilings & T-111 siding, and I know my buyers want at least a little bit of a view and this home had less than that. I won’t show it to them.

After locking up, I was crossing the street to my car when I noticed a Volkswagon-sized orange Tabby cross my path, Continue reading

Tern Tern Tern

Around dusk tonight, I showed a house in the Lettered Streets, a folk Victorian with some updates including forced air heat, a jacuzzi tub w/ tiled enclosure from the 1980s and “new” windows. Sure– these windows were an upgrade over the original single-paned leaded glass some well-intentioned homeowner replaced in the 1970s, but they’re still 40-year-old aluminum framed windows with failed seals and a mildew brocade. My buyers plugged their noses and left quickly, Continue reading

So this is blog

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Sometimes his right ear comes off

Hello, Cruel World.

Please don’t feel awkward.  It’s not you— it’s me.

For the first ten years of my real estate career, I’ve managed to avoid creating a website for myself.  A website!  Grammar school children these days assemble complex websites for their pets’ imaginary friends in between homework & dinner, and I have somehow failed for an entire decade to create or commission even the crudest of functioning models to support my high-level real estate practice. Incredible!  The website is the most basic tool in the belt ( after a license and a business card ) and for ten years the screen on the far end of my registered domain has featured an unflattering headshot taken during my first week in the business, accompanied by the message “Future home of”  For ten years this has been my internet “presence.” It’s an outrage… Continue reading